Friday, April 8, 2011

My Wellness Factor

What is my wellness factor?  Well, currently, I would say that my physical and psychological well-being are at about an 8, while my spiritual well-being is about a 6.  This term in school is pushing my mental capacity for the workload and I am finding it difficult to optimally function in all of my different wellness areas.  My energy has decreased because I am up later in the evening trying to finish reading assignments, so my morning workouts have fallen to the wayside as I am too tired in the mornings to wake up early enough to get them done.  My mind seems to not have time to shut off and just be still, since there are so many various tasks that need to be accomplished during this time, such as school with the kids, watching the kids, taking care of the home, homework, planting the garden, laundry, make food, prepare for government shut down, etc.  I am finding it difficult to just sit still and not HAVE to do anything else.  Because these other elements of myself are out of whack, I know my spiritual wellness is suffering too.  I just feel burdened and pressed, which results in a shorter temper, less focus, and increased emotions, none of which is beneficial for me or my family.  This is one area though that I have continued to focus on by diligently having my bible study in the morning to ensure I get some important things to focus on throughout the day.  It helps.

My goal is to go to bed by 10p each night so I get enough sleep to wake up by 5:30a to workout, which will boost my energy throughout the day.  I also have a goal to secure time to get schoolwork done without interruption, which will assist in releasing some workload stress.  Spiritually, my goal is to meditate on scriptures that speak to these areas of stress and worry and continue to turn them away from myself so that they are not my burden any longer.

I completed "The Crime of the Century" exercise, which was very nice in fact that I fell asleep about 10 minutes into it.  This is what happens when even just sitting down is a welcome relief to the go-go mentality of the day.  Prior to falling asleep, though, I was very happy that I could feel myself relaxing and the tension reducing, but sadly, the other thing going through my mind here and there was that I needed to be doing other things, not sitting still "doing nothing" for 20 minutes.   I think this is going to be a process....


  1. Hi Julie,
    I can certainly relate to the feeling of not being able to sit still. If I sit down, I feel guilty because there must be something that I should be doing. It sounds like you have set some good goals for yourself, now you just have to follow through! Good luck!

  2. Hi Julie,

    It sounds like you are very busy! I think being a stay at home mom of four kids would be a challenge for anyone, and then adding school and a fitness routine...that is almost overwhelming, but I know God will see you through it. I enjoyed the relaxation exercise, and caught myself dozing a few times too! I try not to fall asleep during relaxation and meditation practice though. How do you feel about chakras?