Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Relaxation Attempt....

So, it has become incredibly obvious to me in my experience as a student/mother that the law of Murphy is always in effect.  Why is it that as soon as one tries to go through a relaxation experience all the noisiest and least relaxing sounds in the world become ever more apparent, if not increasingly loud and obnoxious?  Such was the case with my relaxation attempt this week.  As I sat down to listen to the directions of the audio, I soon heard the dog barking, kids talking and then yelling, and my baby crying.  As much as I tried to get through the rest of the audio, my time essentially became ironically more frustrating than usual, causing more stress and even a stress headache.  Apparently, trying to take "sit still" relaxation during the midst of chaos for me actually creates more of a stressful situation than not doing it at all.  Since I was unable to actually relax physically, I did not experience the heaviness symptoms described on the audio, but one thing I did glean from it was to intentionally slow my breathing and go through focused relaxation during stressful times, even if while standing and only for a moment or two in between managing children fighting or babies crying.  Maybe next time will be a better report!  =0)

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