Monday, May 23, 2011

Final Project- Posted

I.                        Introduction:
Health and Wellness professionals must be beyond reproach when it comes to living out the lifestyle to which they are working diligently to help people begin to implement in their own lives.  How else would changes be seen as necessary if the teacher has never experienced the lesson he/she wishes to impart upon the student.  It is wise for all health and wellness professionals to practice what they preach.  The areas that I need to develop are mostly psychological in nature, based on my emotional state thus far.  Working on my psychological facets will in fact help benefit my emotional stability by reforming the way I think.
II.                        Assessment:
In order to assess my health in the various areas of wellness, I have looked to the most basic examples of total wellness and compared to that.  For me, this area is found in the guidance of the Bible and the perfect example of Jesus.  I would say that I score my wellness spiritually as an 8, knowing that there are certainly areas where I need to improve.  I score my physical wellness as a 9 because I do take great strides to eat healthfully and exercise regularly.  I score my psychological health as a 7, because going through this class has really opened my eyes to some of the areas of thought that could really use a revamping.
III.                        Goal development:
One goal I have for myself in each area of wellness is: Physical – to continue with regular strength and cardiovascular exercise 4-6 times a week, especially with this new pregnancy; Psychological – to continue to practice asserting myself when I have something that needs to be communicated without fear of what might happen and so be restrained; and Spiritual - implement a time for intentional meditation and prayer without interruption starting with only a small period of time and then gradually increasing.
IV.                        Practices for personal health:
To foster growth in my physical wellness, I will challenge myself with my intensity when I exercise, as well as display greater discipline during times of food temptation.  I will lift heavier weights, push myself harder with cardiovascular activities, and set a limit for myself ahead of time regarding what I will and will not eat at a special event.  To foster growth in my psychological wellness, I will work on not overtasking myself and being careful to only take on those tasks that are the most beneficial for our family.  When asked to help out with additional things, I will answer with “Let me look at my schedule and I will get back to you” and then take the time to pray about it and make sure it would be a wise choice to do it.  This will protect my psychological health by not allowing too much stress.  To foster growth in my spiritual wellness, I will continue on my journey of life with my God each day.  I will be careful to study His Word, to spend time (even if only a few minutes at first) in prayer and meditation on His Word, and be mindful of these things when life becomes difficult.
V.                        Commitment:
The best way for me to assess my progress or lack of progress in the next six months would be to journal my current state of mind and living and then see how it compares to the same at that time.  The strategies I can use to help me maintain my practices would include accountability with others who are working to grow and be challenged, as well as continue to read and study about the importance of such practices so that even when times of difficulty arise, the value of moving forward and not staying stuck will be so ingrained that I will not be able to just give in and stop.


  1. Good Evening Julie,

    You have some very interesting points that you've made. I'm glad to see that you understand the process of understanding what you need to do to assist others to improve themselves. People need to see whats in front of them in order to believe that their help is sincere and focused on the best care for them.
    You have a great plan on how you will get there and what your willing to do. The hard part is putting that plan into action. Good luck in your future devours.

  2. Hi Julie, I wish you well with your integral health journey and yur pregnancy. You will need some will power to curve those cravings LOL! I think your plan will work very well for and your potential clients because you will be that professional that walks the walk and lead by example. In your assessment, you mentioned measuring your health and wellness according to the Bible, with Jesus as our example. That was very enlightening. If we can see ourselves the way God sees us, that will eliminate about 99% of our problems. We would have the faith, confidence and willingness to live each day knowing that "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." Rely totally on him for everything. Good luck with your goals and future endeavors.