Saturday, May 28, 2011

Unit 10: Review

In Unit 3, I was struggling with getting acclimated to the new term, so my stress level was up and my balance was down.  I am thankful that by the middle of the term I was able to find equilibrium, which helped to get some balance back.  I had scored myself as an 8 in physical health and a 6 in spiritual health.  Now, though, I would score myself an 8 in physical health and an 8 in spiritual health.  Yay!  Part of this is the fact that the term is over and I get a break from the extra work, but also because I got into the new rhythm of the term and this really helps with my internal balance.  I was able to make progress in my goals of setting aside specific time to work on school work, as well as study and meditate on scripture to help with keeping my mind set on things above.  This really helped me to keep my mind returning to that which is good for me, instead of things that are harmful.  I also was much better with getting up early to get in my workouts, but those have been set aside for the last two weeks while I visited family.  I will be starting again on Monday.

Throughout this course, I have been challenged to look at things with more depth and intensity.  I have been happy that doing so has helped me to really analyze my internal well-being even more, which has helped to foster more inner strength and resolution to keep moving forward at all times.  The most rewarding things for me was just connecting with my faith even more and finding new ways of application and focus for myself.  The most difficult parts was finding ways to word things so that I would actually implement it instead of conflict with it in what I agree with and believe.  This experience has been great in helping me to wrap my head around the importance of developing this spiritual side of health in addition to the others to foster a complete picture of health and wellness.  I am excited to pass on the knowledge I have learned.

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  1. Good evening Julie,

    Congratulations on your hard work on and during this course. I was kind of the opposite of you, I was pretty relaxed and balanced at the beginning of course, but towards the middle I lost sight of my priorities. Work took over my life, or I let it take over my life. As we have talked about positivity, I have been really been making efforts to only allow positive stuff in my life. This brings me to another television, I don't really watch it, but it has been on in the background as I do my assignments on Tuesday nights. The show is "Hellcats," on the CW it is a show about college cheerleaders and life in general. Anyway, there is this one cheerleader, Savannah who brings positivity to the squad. It makes me think if she can do this for a whole squad I sure as heck can do it for myself. I know this is television and not real life, but we all have to relate to something.

    Julie good luck in everything you do from here on out and hopefully our paths will cross again.