Saturday, May 14, 2011

Unit 8

I have learned such a great variety of things in this class that it is hard to settle my mind on only two being the most beneficial, but, since I have to, I am going to say that the Subtle Mind exercise and the Human Flourishing one (found on page 145-146 of Integral Health) are my choices.  The Subtle Mind exercise was a significant challenge for me because it called me to begin practicing the taming of the mind...not such an easy task, but a worthy goal.  I am still not great at this, but I am definitely much better than I was when this class first began.  At least now I have a tool for getting the mind to be still.  The Human Flourishing exercise held some great value because it helped me to remember some key times in my life where I have really experienced this heightened state of being, where everything seems perfect with a balance of complete wholeness, happiness, and health.  As I mentioned in my discussion post, the best experience I had that really brought all of these together was my first home birth experience.  It was such a healing experience after a very unsatisfying first birth, hospital birth experience.  I was able to really experience the entire event, which brought such an amazing empowerment, knowing that I was capable of something so amazing, even though difficult.  I felt complete and fulfilled and in such awe of my form.  It was one of the most blissful experiences of my life.  When I recall how I felt after that birth, I have a tangible goal to attain and seek in my every day encounters.  This is certainly not easy or natural, but it is definitely valuable and I look forward to the challenge and the benefits of character I will receive.  I will continue to use this exercises and their guiding principles in my daily quiet time to help foster the renewing of my mind, which is essential to growth.  I can be still and quiet internally through the daily practice of this discipline.  I loved the concept of letting the thoughts come and go without giving them and food to grow.  The first time I did this, I was blown away at how little emotional reaction I had to such a serious thought.  Right then I could see the benefits of this discipline.  Also, just recalling and re-experiencing the times in my life where I felt whole, happy, and healthy help me to bring it into my present reality.  Whenever I am struggling, I can refer to these memories and remember my intentions to experience that state all the time.  Between these two exercises, I know that I will be very blessed.

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