Saturday, May 7, 2011

Unit 7

The most obvious wise person I know of who was the epitome of all the definitions given for the person we were to visualize was Jesus.  Picturing myself standing with Him and being with Him is not something that is new for me, but I really enjoyed this time of just focusing on doing it.  I especially enjoyed the reminder of seeing myself becoming more like Him in His mannerisms and speech, which I constantly think about as I interact with various people on a regular basis.  The best part about my faith being applied to this exercise was that I was not just "visualizing" something that I did not truly believe to be happening, but this is something that I know to be happening inside of me throughout the course of my life.  I AM becoming more like Christ through each and every day's struggle and transforming experience that kneads out the lumpy spots of my character and replaces them with a smoothness that is found only in Him.  I loved this exercise.  Spending time with Him is always refreshing.  Being involved in this class and in these exercises has been very helpful though in helping me to intentionally consider my ways and assess whether or not they were what I wanted them to be.  I am very thankful for the reminder.

The saying "One cannot lead another where one has not gone himself" is an absolutely applicable statement.  As a healthcare professional (or in my case wellness protector of the family), my personal experience with growth is an imperative if I want to teach my children to do the things I know to be good for them.  The concept "Do what I say, not what I do" should never come out of the mouth of any leader, so it is essential that I, as the parent and leader, exemplifies what is right in life, and how my beliefs influence my behaviors.  Without a change or connection between my beliefs and my behaviors, I will not be able to effectively teach and help to mold the well-being of my children.  I know that if I want to lead them in the way that they should go, I must be on that journey with them, leading through my own personal walk and example.  There is no difference to my situation and what should be in place for a typical healthcare professional.  We must walk the walk before we can talk the talk =0)

I can continue to implement spiritual and psychological growth in my personal life through continuing to develop my relationship with God by the reading of His Word, its application in my life, and centering myself through prayer and meditation that is in agreement with what He says to be true.  This is what I have experienced and know to be true and my truth is continued to be stretched and further developed as I continue on my journey and walk with Him.

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